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“stina”は、ロシア語の stsena 「舞台」という言葉から、舞台の真ん中に輝く私「i」が立っている、という意味を込めて名付けさせていただきました。



自分らしく。 輝くために…
stina 久保田小百合

Welcome to stina's world.Thank you for visiting us !!

"stina" - we named it from "stsena" which means "stage" inRussian and put my emotions into meaning that "I" stand shining incenter of the stage.

Classes and rehearsals are the place that you can produce yourselves the maximum.
Also it is always linked together to the stage.

We are hopingfrom the bottom of our heart that "stina" will be able to supportyour self-producing.

Just like one self, for brighten yourself

Director Profile

久保田 小百合Sayuri Kubota

2022年には“劇場に着ていくお洋服”がコンセプトの「STINA closet」を立ち上げ、

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture
Joined Eriko Ishida Ballet School at the age of 7
After graduating from high school, studied abroad at the Russian State Moscow Dance Academy (Bolshoi Ballet Academy )
After studying abroad for two years, After she came back from Russia,had joined Star Dancers Ballet.
Appeared in numerous productions and has been active as a professional dancer for over 15 years.
At the age of 28, while still an active ballerina, she launched Japan's first semi-custom brand of patterned leotards, “stina”, with the concept of “adult and cute”.
Loved by many ballerinas as a pioneer brand of patterned leotards.
In 2022, we will launch “STINA closet” with the concept of “clothes to wear to the theater”.
Currently, in addition to being a brand director and CEO, she is also a working mother raising a daughter.

Company information

事業所名 株式会社stina
代表者 久保田小百合
所在地 〒150-0021
東京都渋谷区恵比寿西2-11-9 PLANEX VOLTA3階
URL stina: https://stina.jp/
STINA closet: https://stina.jp/stina_closet
事業内容 バレエ用品の企画、製造、販売
設立 2012年8月